Kaarmise - Jõempa Karstfield

The karstfield is located on the border of Kaarma and Kärla parishes. It covers Kaarmise lake, the lower part of Anepesa stream and the upper part of Kärla river. There is a half-kilometer wide and generally under one meter deep lake in the northeastern area of the karstfield. The lake is fed by rain and small springs.

The Anepesa stream, which is dry in the summer months, empties into the lake. The soil cover here is very thin. There are many shallow karst trenches that are hundreds of meters long.

The area west of the trenches is covered by many shallow funnel-shapdepressions of five meters wide and half a meter to one meter in depth into which water flows and disappears. The entire karstfield feeds Kärla river, and the area is favored by many different types of wildlife.