Küdema and Lepakörve "kurisu"s

A "kurisu" is a depression in the ground with a hold into which ground water flows. These two kurisus are two of the largest and most interesting ones in Saaremaa.

Küdema kurisu is south of the village of Küdema, behind ancient remains of the Litorian Sea. It is a 35 meters long and five meters deep egg-chaped karst funnel. Here, the stream that flows from Ohtja lake is swallowed underground.

Lepakõrve kurisu is 3 to 4 kilometers east of the village of Küdema, next to the road that goes to Paatsa village.

This kurisu is also located behind bluffs that are remains of the Litorian Sea. Today, water only flows into the funnel during spring high waters. The funnel is approximately 120 meters long and seven meters at its deepest.

The waters that the Küdema and Lepakõrve kurisus swallow reappear as small springs and streams on the other side of the bluffs.