Linnulaht (Bird Bay)

Linnulaht (Bird Bay) is located two kilometers west of Kuressaare. The area of the nature preserve is approoximately 335 hectares. This body of water was once a bay in the sea, but during the years it has separated from the sea and has become a sweetwater lake. It is now quite unique in Estonia because of the many species and number of birds that live and nest here.

Linnulaht is a lake with a low shoreline, about 2.5 kilometers long and half a kilometer wide. Its depth is around one meter. Many water plants grow in the lake, and these are helping to change the lake into a bog. There are floating islets on the lake, which are favored nesting places for water birds.

Linnulaht is truly a bird paradise. For years, one of Estonia's largest colonies of laughing gulls has nested here, a colony of several thousand pairs. Additionally, the gray goose nests here, in addition to many types of ducks. In short, probably all the waterbirds that exist in Estonia can be found here.