Loona Manor

A road bordered with stone fences leads us to Loona Manor, located to the west of the Lumanda-Kihelkonna road. The manor houe has a long and complex history. The oldest parts of the building date back to medieval times. At the beginning of the 19th century, the manor house evolved into a building of good proportions and beautiful details characteristic of Classicism.

The manor complex also includes a stone granary, a garden house and a park. After WW II the buildings fell into disrepair. Since 1996, the manr has been administered by the Ministry of Environment. Today, the main building has been restored and serves as the Visitor's Center for Vilsandi national Park.

Not far from the manor there is an old coastal settlement which dates back to the second millenium B.C.., the transitional period from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. Potsherds of the comb and corded ware cultures have been found, as has hunting of sea mammals, mostly seals.

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