Oti Manor

The manor is located at the 50 kilometer mark on the Kuressaare - Laimjala - Kuivastu road, and then two kilometers southeast from there.

The one story northern wing of the manor, including the cellar, was apparently built in the 18th century. The balconies on their slender pillars on either side of the building were added later. The two-story entry portico was added in 1850.

The building boasts fine carved details, the corners are formed of clean-chiseled dolomite blocks. The coat of arms over the main entrance belongs to the Aderkass family.

It is believed that the manor's storehouse was built around the middle of the 18th century. The large, clean-chiseled corner blocks and the carved detail under the eaves make the building unique. There is a coat of arms over the entrance.

Oti manor is now a reasonably-priced guest house where each room is decorated in a different style. There are only five generous-sized rooms, and for someone wishing peace and quiet, Oti manor is a good choice.

Homepage: http://www.otimanor.ee/