Päelda ring fort

Tradition holds that the Muhu "Päälda linna" is much older than the nearby Linnuse ring fort. The remains of the fort consist of a low circular wall in a field. (From Viira, 1.5 kilometers towards Nõmmküla until the cemetery, then about one kilometer following the road that leads to the village.)

It is difficult to discern the remains of the ring fort from the surrounding landscape. The low wall is only about 80 centimeters high, and seven to eight meters wide. The area inside the low wall is about 70 meters south by 50 meters by 191 meters. The low wall is built of field stone.

Since the area has been a field for an untold number of years, it is reasonable to assume that ploughing has destroyed any cultural layers that might have existed.

During archaeological excavations in 1983 resulted in discovering some animal bones, charred pieces of wood and some potshard. The latter are similar to utensils that were in use in the area two millennia ago.