In order to decide on the fate of the Maasilinna Fortress, an expert group was formed, which, within a few weeks time, will assess how and how much to put on the roof of the fortified castle.

Anneli Randla, director general of the Heritage Board, who visited the expert on Thursday, said that roofing must be put into a fort in one way or another. According to Randla, different options were proposed and the decision will be made within a few weeks. Most likely, the entire fortress will be under the roof, but it all depends on the funding of the project.

During the restoration of the fortress of Maasilinna, the first floor and the gate have largely been excavated, partly the second and third floors of the castle. This is much more than it was thought at the beginning of the fortress.

Restoration of the Maasilinna fortress was started for the municipality's money at the end of last year.

According to Anneli Randla, the fortress of Maasilinna is one of the priority restoration objects in Saaremaa for the Heritage Conservation Inspectorate.

In May 1345, the Order of Merciful Burchard von Dreileben was founded by the Order of Maas in order to replace the Pöide Order Castle destroyed by the islanders on the Jüriöö ülestõus. Later, Goswin von Herike, the descendant of Dreileben, was expanded. The Maasilinna Castle was blown up in 1576.

Meie Maa
May 04, 2002