People are restless and curious by nature. They travel and explore and try to find answers to very different questions:How does love work? How could we see behind life? How could we open the door to eternity? From the beginning of time, people have looked at the stars, sought for a special relationship with nature, erected temples and built other sacred places to findtheseanswers.

Past centuries have tied us to the European culture area. Estonia is studded with churches, doors to eternity, which have been the places for our ancestors to seek for balance and reconciliation with the Creator. They are like small openings in the cloth of time that our forebearers have used to take a glance at eternity, and in these buildings we may perceive what they saw.

Dear Wayfarers, step in the church door to peep through eternity’s keyhole. And maybe, if you are patient enough, you will succeed in opening the door and you will experience reconciliation with Him, our Creator.

Bishop Einar Soone
President of the Estonian Council of Churches

More information about the location of the churches in Saaremaa: